29th December 2018

Beat Cancer – test invite

Are you Stupid?

Get ready to be insulted, as these Cancer cells are about to make you really really angry… luckily, the game will allow you to beat the life out of these cells before they can do any harm. Right now you can participate in the test version on iPhone and Android

Protect yourself from these vicious and obnoxious cancer cells by finger punching them as they flow down the bloodstream. Some of them are pretty fast and hard to kill so we have prepared a small arsenal to help you get rid of them faster.  For your effort of destroying the pesky cells, you will receive a handsome award in diamonds that you can later use to upgrade your arsenal of bombs, walls, and cannons.

The different types of cancer cells attacking will make you adapt your strategy constantly to keep up the defence. There are several levels of difficulty that will challenge your speed and every time you play.

Build your walls, place your cannons and rain fury on these pesky little bastards.

As we are slowly getting “Beat Cancer” ready for its release we are looking for testers to try out the beta version of our game. We are looking for feedback on what the cells are saying, but also about the games balance and what parts can be improved.

To get access to the test, simply click on the links below, and you should be in.

If you have any problems, comments ideas or any feedback at all, please let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Sincerely yours,
Polyspice Games