2nd November 2018

Retro Shooting

Polyspice recommendations

This month we are recommending “Retro Shooting” and fun and engaging game, that will keep you on your toes, and make sure that you are entertained.

With polyspice game recommendations, we take the best game that we played during the passed month and tell you a bit about it. We do not write about games that are not good in one way or another, so, you won’t waste time reading a review, that concludes that you should not try the game 🙂

“Retro shooting” – Overview

“Retro shooting” is an old-school version of the good old “Shoot ’em Up” type of “Bullet hell” game, that originates from the old “Space Invader” and “Centipede”.

You control a spaceship, that is constantly firing bullets, and by dragging your finger around, you control the spaceship. There are 3 power-ups that can be used in the game. A rapid-fire mode, a “Bomb” that clears all bullets from the screen, and gives damage to everything, and then lastly, there is a shield that can be enabled so that the player becomes invulnerable for a short period of time.

The Objective of the game is to avoid being hit by the bullets and shoot as many enemies as possible. Some levels have a boss fight at the end.

Price and Advertisement

Although the game can be played completely without watching advertisements, or using money at all. There are times where watching an advertisement is designed in such a way, that you as a player, do not mind watching it for the reward it gives you. Its almost as if you feel that the value fits the price (the price of watching an advertisement)

It is possible to unlock new spaceships, with different abilities, however, some of these spaceships can only be either unlocked for a limited number of plays, or by paying a rather hefty sum of “real” money with prices as high 10 EURO. Some of these ships will give overall bonuses to all other ships, but each ship is rather expensive.

Parent guide

There is neither violence nor cursing or types of gambling in this game. It is a clean-cut, action-packed and family-friendly game, that kids of any age should be able to play. I highly recommend playing this game with your children. There is no multiplayer game type, but sitting together and playing this with your kids is a bunch of fun.

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