26th November 2017

Adding towers to tower wars

There is something missing from the game. Dont misunderstand me, the foundation of the game seems to be working, and there is some potential for it to go somewhere, but it is as if there is something missing. And from all the feedback I have gotten from you wonderful people, I believe that there is some solid advice that can be turned into some good ideas – so thanks to all the people who have been chipping in with feedback.

Unfortunately, the idea I am working on this week (combined with the fact that I had to do real work) resulted in me not completing the changes necessary for this to be released this week, and to be honest, I am not even sure I will be able to make it to next week, as there is a huge task in getting the AI to respond to the new gameplay 🙁

But, I can reveal what is being implemented. 🙂

The towers will be added to the game in a new way, where instead of destroying them, it is possible to conquer them, and while conquering them will give you a income boost, it will also reset the upgrades that your enemy have made. It will also be possible to chose where your stupid soldiers should go, giving you a bigger freedom of choice when sending your troops of into battle.

Thank you for reading my updates, and thank you for all of your ideas, it means the world to me.

It is still possible to play the game.