27th September 2017

Stupid Soldiers

“Ours not to reason why, ours but to do and die!”

Just a quick update on the project I am currently working on.

Stupid Soldiers is a game about conquering your enemy by generating enough income to overthrow your enemy.

Building soldiers will generate an income, and use this income to upgrade your towers to defend yourself from your enemy or build an army to destroy your enemy and generate new income.

The idea is pretty simple, but the game play balance is pretty hard to hit, so there is some balancing for me to do before I can go on.

I have tried to illustrate the mechanic in this drawing.

Stupid soldiers Mechanic

I am trying to get the game done and ready to show soon, but real life work and family life is making it difficult to use the time I need to get it done.

Currently the level design and GUI is being polished – and I am hoping to be able to show the first screens from the game soon’ish