Laser Overload
17th February 2020

Recommended Game-Laser Overload

Laser Overload is one of the coolest puzzle games i have ever played on my phone. And I have played a bunch of puzzle games. This game will force you to use your brain to solve alot and I mean alot of challenging puzzles.

GAMEPLAY: In this puzzle game you have to guide a laser to a battery. If it was only that easy though. In order to do this you must point the laser at different mirrors so that it will reflect the laser to reach the battery. The challenge is figuring out how to position the laser and mirrors to reach the goal.

As you get further in the game it adds more obstacles in your way(which can be a blessing and a curse). I say this because these obstacles are there to help you reach the batteries. The only negative thing about them is that each level has a different combination of these obstacles which will definitely confuse you. One of these obstacles splits your laser in two. You can use this to reach multiple batteries at once. Another one is like a teleporter. Guide your laser to this and it will take you to a different area of the puzzle. There are many more like blocks that get in the way of your laser and double sided mirrors.

GRAPHICS: This game looks really cool. It has a futuristic look to it. The laser and obstacles has a nice white glow to them in contrast to the dark colored background. Speaking of backgrounds and lasers when you beat a level you earn a certain amount of coins which you can use to buy different background and laser colors.

DIFFICULTY: This game is really challenging. How challenging? Well not only do you have to make it through all the obstacles, to 100% the game you have to collect all the stars too. The stars are placed in different parts of each puzzle. Your job is to figure out how to guide the laser to the stars and make it to the battery aswell. The levels are sorted into packs of different difficulty: WELCOME, BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED, and EXPERT. Also there are multiple packs labeled ADVANCED and EXPERT. When you reach the end of one pack you have the option to spend your coins or watch an ad to unlock the next pack.

As I have said before this game is challenging. Challenging but not impossible though because if you experiment with the different obstacles you will get it right eventually. Sometimes you may even guide the laser correctly without even knowing what you did. Overall this game is really fun to play and satisfying once you beat a level. It makes you feel smart which makes you feel happy which makes you want to play and complete the next puzzle. No two puzzles look alike which makes the game refreshing every time you win. This game is free to play on the Google Play Store. I definitely recommend this game to everyone who likes a good puzzle game.

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