1st February 2019

Leap On!

Polyspice recommendations

Polyspice game recommendations is taking games that we have been playing here, and then recommending it to whoever wants to try something new. We do not write about games that are not good in one way or another, so, you won’t waste time reading a review, that concludes that you should not try the game 🙂

Leap On! – Overview

“Leap on!” is a game with beautiful and smooth mechanics that will allow you to make some awesome leaps in no time.

You play as a bouncy ball that bounces on moving objects crushing them as you go, each time you touch with your finger, the ball will move in the clockwise direction, and you have to make it bounce on the other balls without hitting the middle of the level. This game is tons of fun, there are many upgrades to grab while leaping that will help you beat your previous high score. 

If you manage to score 250 points you will unlock the Daily Tournament Mode that is a lot harder and quite challenging.

We played this game around the time of the Chinese New Year and it themed accordingly which made it even more interesting.

I highly recommend this game.

Price and Advertisement

The game is free but there are some ads when you lose and want to start a new level. You can always buy a “No Ads” version of this game that will allow you to leap on uninterrupted.

Parent guide

This is a perfect game for kids and adults that want a simple, fast relaxing game. Leap on and try to beat your previous high score. I have been doing this quite a bit with this game.

Get the game

You can get the game following these links.