1st February 2019

Data Wing

Polyspice recommendations

Polyspice game recommendations is taking games that we have been playing here, and then recommending it to whoever wants to try something new. We do not write about games that are not good in one way or another, so, you wont waste time reading a review, that concludes that you should not try the game 🙂

Data Wing – Overview

The Game is fast, and furious – its a blast from beginning to the end.

Data Wing is a fantastic little game created, it have some very simple mechanics that makes it easy to get into the game, and you will feel like an expert. But, there is always room for improvement, and for each level you beat, you will be able to compete against yourself. You control a small spaceship, that you can turn to the left or the right (and that is it) then you have to complete the levels, by using the environment to your advantage. As an example, if your tail is close to a wall, you will get extra power so that you can fly faster, combine this with leveldesign where big curvy swings will really accelerate and you can really gain some speed.  There is tons of other ways to interact with the levels, but I will let you find out about this yourself.

Slide on those edges, will you?

There is a storyline which is really fun and entertaining, with a few nice and interesting twists. And then, the music in the game.. whow. You will be cheating yourself if you are not wearing headphones while playing this, as it is amazing. I highly recommend this game.

Price and Advertisement

So, nice surprise, this game is completely free… and there is no ads. To be honest, it feels weird, and a bit wrong to play this game, and I keep wishing that it would be possible to somehow pay something to show that you appreciated the game!

Parent guide

This is a perfect game for kids to play as well. Take turns when playing with your kids to see who can beat the level fastest. I have been doing this quite a bit with this game, and both me and my kids are enjoying it.

Get the game

You can get the game following these links.

Watch the trailer here