20th November 2017

Stupid soldiers, now more stupider

First of, thank you to all the people who helped me test and gave me feedback on the first iteration of my minigame “Stupid Soldiers”. Based on your feedback, I have updated the game a bit.

You can play the updated version of the game here

First of, there is now a new kind of stupid in the game, the “Rock monster”

The rock monster is slow but have a high health and hits hard and expensive.

Apart from that, some gameplay changes have been made, here is a selected few.

  • There is now 3 soldiers to spawn on each tier
  • It is only possible to have 10 monsters on the level at a time
  • Defensive towers can now be destroyed
  • There is 3 tiers instead of 2
  • The AI have been improved (It is still my first ever, so it is still a bit weak)

And many small balancing fixes.

It is still possible to play the game here

If you liked the game (Or if you did not like the game 🙂 ) please leave some feedback in my Facebook group