2nd September 2020 0 Comments

Planit Rabbit Release!

Planit Rabbit Release! At Polyspice, we’re so happy to present the release of Planit Rabbit – Version 0.9 Planit Rabbit is evolving. Previously we had a vast and seemingly endless space a player would fly around in until they crashed. This was good, but much simpler than the more Intentional Video Game we dreamed about. […]

29th August 2020 0 Comments

3 New UFO’s have been sighted travelling the Interstellar Highways!

3 New UFO’s have been sighted, though they are mysterious, fear not dear Rabbiteers! They come in Peace! Aaaaaand at rock bottom prices! Developed as something of a Beginner craft for new players, the UFO series of Spacecraft has been instrumental in flattening out the Learning Curve. Encouraging new pilots to stick around by eliminating […]

22nd August 2020 0 Comments

Life of Martin

Martin was musically inclined from the start, and his love of music has permeated across his existence along with his fondness for the ridiculous. In fact, like most men of comedy, if you were to bisect him into two equally sized Martins, both would be bleeding profusely and you’d probably go to jail. But if […]

9th July 2020 0 Comments

How I Got Here – The tale of Robert Kelly Ball

I am Robert Ball, I write for both 181Gaming.com and Polyspice. I’m Robert, @RobertKellyBall on Twitter, and I’m new here.  Any time I talk about this era of my life, I start it off with my Divorce. A profoundly unhappy time for anyone. It began a seemingly endless cycle of recovery and false starts, of […]

8th May 2020 0 Comments

Planit Rabbit Open Beta Release

Bunny Service announcement Help is on the way, I repeat, HELP IS ON THE WAY. In this time of emergency,  remember to keep calm, stock up on carrots, and download plenty of Polyspice mobile games. No rabbit is to leave their hutch until the evacuation rocket arrives. We’re happy to announce Planit Rabbit Open Beta […]

26th April 2019 0 Comments

Beat Cancer Official Release

We are proud to finally release Beat Cancer. The full version of this mobile game is available on the Play Store. Hopefully, you’ll have a great time finger punching the life out of those obnoxious Cancer cells. If you have any questions about the game, or just want to hang out with other players you’re […]

10th April 2019 0 Comments

Beat Cancer – Last test round

We are now at a stage where Beat Cancer is about ready to be released. Play-testing and balancing the game ourself for quite a while now, but you know how it is, balancing what you have been creating is rather difficult, because, you know… we made it and know how to play it 😉 What […]

31st March 2019 0 Comments

Beat Cancer – Version 1.3

A new version is ready, and a lot has changed! By some, this is considered the last test version before the game is published as a general release. 🙂 The final things that are needed, is to make the payment work, and make sure that the balance of the game is on par. But for […]

8th February 2019 0 Comments

Beat Cancer – Version 1.2

We are now ready to give you some more Beat Cancer. After the first round of testing, we did a lot of adjustments, some gameplay elements were changed and a whole new weapon was added. The Rocket Say hello to “The Rocket” – this bad boy will find the closest Cancer Cell, and blow up […]

29th December 2018 0 Comments

Beat Cancer – test invite

Are you Stupid? Get ready to be insulted, as these Cancer cells are about to make you really really angry… luckily, the game will allow you to beat the life out of these cells before they can do any harm. Right now you can participate in the test version on iPhone and Android Protect yourself […]